Here is a wonderful podcast I listened to recently which originally appeared on the show, On Purpose with Jay Shetty and was titled “Chelsea Handler: On How Therapy Changed Her Life”.

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Below is a copy of the description from the original post:

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you can learn anything from therapy you’ll be interested to hear Chelsea open up about how it completely changed her life.She gets candid about losing her brother at such a young age and how she’s using tools she learned in therapy to cope with it now. Her vulnerability in this episode is inspiring for anyone who has had to deal with loss in their life. Just remember, I AM. Identification, Awareness, Modification.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

More details:

[In the podcast,] We discuss her latest book Life Will Be the Death of Me, which explores her experience going to therapy and overcoming her past trauma.

Every single one of us is struggling with something, but we don’t give ourselves permission to feel pain.

What I admire most about Chelsea is her honesty and candidness.

If you want to have a meaningful life, create change, and make an impact, then you need to heal yourself first.

Chelsea is doing something incredible by sharing her story.

All of us, even celebrities, can benefit from learning how to overcome our pain.

In today’s conversation, Chelsea shares:

  • What it took to overcome her personal ego, narcissism, and anxiety
    The power of saying “No”
  • Why fad diets and “cleanses” can’t solve our problems
  • The difference between dealing with trauma constructively and destructively
  • How to give yourself permission to feel pain
  • Why we have negative thoughts and how to handle them
  • Her father’s best advice
  • Why focusing on results can hurt you
  • Coping with the pain of losing her oldest brother
  • Habit and lifestyle changes after going to therapy
  • How to attract a community by sharing your story
  • And more insights!