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EFT Gives “Couples Therapy” A Fresh Look

Ruth Jampol has published a great article about the myths and realities of couples therapy, especially from an EFT perspective. In her post, Ruth does a great job helping to allay the fears of people thinking about coming to couples therapy, while also explaining that...

Dr. Drew, Lisa, & Sue Johnson Chat with Callers

Dr. Lisa Palmer-Olsen and Dr. Sue Johnson join Drew for an in-depth discussion on Emotionally Focused Therapy and ways it can be applied to our everyday lives. The three of them then take calls on single parenting, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder.

My First Blog Post

As an EFT Therapist and Trainer, it is a great honor to do the work that I do. From teaching EFT fundamentals and training tomorrow's EFT therapists and leaders, to working with ever-inspiring families, couples, and individuals, I am reminded daily of how rewarding...