EFT Masterclasses

EFT Masterclasses

EFT master classes are a great way to deepen your understanding of the EFT model.  These are usually intermediate to advanced level trainings, and it is recommended that participants complete an EFT Externship prior to registration.  An EFT masterclass also provides specialized training on select topics, such as Emotionally Focused Family Therapy, Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy, healing relationship betrayals, navigating addiction issues, and more.

Below you will find masterclasses that are offered by Dr. Lisa Palmer-Olsen. For additional masterclasses, please visit the ICEEFT website


EFFT: Using the EFT Model with Families

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) is an attachment-based approach that combines both systemic and experiential interventions to mend broken bonds and heal fractured families. This workshop will demonstrate how the EFT model of working with couples is extended and modified to fit the family context. Attention will be given to how EFT practice with families is different and what additional skills are needed. For example, how to process parental blocks to emotional accessibility and responsiveness while also keeping the child safe will be a dynamic addressed. Participants will learn a powerful transformative approach that is foundational in helping parents and children who are struggling with remaining securely attached. For additional information on EFFT, please visit www.EFFT.org

Unbroken Bonds: EFT & Relationship Betrayals 


Couples dealing with major trust betrayals is often the most frequent presenting concern in couple therapy. Although a common reason given for divorce, many couples seek treatment to heal their relationship following an affair rather than pursue its end. This training reviews practices and resources that help couples work through the injury of a betrayal and its collateral impact using Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. This advanced Master Class involves a full-day of didactic training including examples of couples working through these injuries. The training also provides opportunity for focused case reviews addressing specific questions and treatment issues focused on repairing relationship betrayals commonplace in everyday clinical practice. Demonstration and discussion of EFT practice based upon clinical cases brought by workshop participants. Our format provides opportunity for moment-to-moment discussions of the EFT process in betrayal repair, as well as experiential exercises that integrate EFT theory and practice.

EFT Triage: A Two-Day Intensive 

Additional details coming soon.