EFT Philosophy Paper – Online Tutoring Series

Support for EFT Supervisors in Training


Session 1: Thursday, October 17, 2019, 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm PDT

A One-Time Online Consultation Group on How to Write a Philosophy of Supervision Paper with EFT Trainers

Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Marlene Best, and

Special Guest, EFT Supervisor James McCracken

Join us for this mini-training on “EFT Philosophy of Supervision: How to Write the Paper for EFT Certification” as well as a review of a stuck spot in supervision for James McCracken.


Additional Dates/Trainers will be added soon:

The October 17th online meeting is part of several online meetings that will be scheduled during the 2019 – 2020 calendar year and focused on the Philosophy of Supervision Paper. The cost for each meeting is $25. Those enrolled in Supervision of Supervision may join ONE (1) online session at no cost. Simply skip step one below.

EFT Philosophy Paper Help

About Our Special Guest


James McCracken is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Emotionally Focused Therapy Practitioner and Supervisor in private practice in Durham, North Carolina focused on treating relationship distress in couples and families, and supporting clinicians interested in doing the same through supervision and consultation. His professional background includes serving a variety of community-based populations experiencing a variety of problems including relationship distress, psychiatric and serious emotional disorders, addiction disorders, chronic and terminal medical conditions, and extreme psychosocial distress. James believes that by focusing on strengthening clients’ naturally occurring social networks and their abilities to impact those networks, independent of what problems they may experience, we can facilitate lasting and empowering therapeutic change. Outside of his private practice, James previously held faculty appointment at the UNC School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry, where was a therapist/recovery specialist and state-wide program coordinator of Early Psychosis Intervention services. His practice website is located at http://www.jamesmccrackenlcsw.com/

EFT Philosophy Paper Help
Dr. Marlene Best, C. Psych. is a certified EFT trainer and supervisor. She has been working at the Ottawa Couple and Family Institute since 2003 where she provides therapy to both couples and individuals, and clinical supervision to pre-doctoral interns and psychologists in supervised practice. She also offers in-person or long-distance supervision (over the phone or via Skype) to therapists anywhere in the world who are learning EFT, working towards certification, and/or just interested in continuing to refine their therapy skills using the EFT model. Using various technologies, such as video review, live “bug-in-the-ear” consultation, or computer screen sharing, Marlene has worked with beginning and more experienced therapists to enhance their couple therapy skills.

Marlene is also a Clinical Professor at the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa, where she provides clinical supervision to Ph.D. practicum students and interns who are learning EFT. She won the student-nominated award for excellence in clinical supervision in 2016. Marlene is known for her warmth and ability to create a very safe, open learning environment; her interest in and attention to issues relating to person-of-the-therapist; her focus on therapeutic process skills; and, her ability to offer helpful, encouraging feedback in a clear, empathic manner.

Marlene is passionate about teaching EFT Core Skills and works with colleagues in presenting Externships. She also offers mini-workshops on EFT to various professionals, including graduate students in psychology, medicine, and education.

EFT Philosophy Paper Help
Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Psy.D. is a licensed marriage and family therapist in San Diego California. She is a Certified EFT Trainer and Supervisor and is a Founder and one of the Directors of the Emotionally Focused Couples Training and Research Institute at Alliant International University. Lisa completed her dissertation research on how to train and teach Emotionally Focused Couples therapy to professionals. Dr. Sue Johnson, the founder of EFT and Dr. Scott Woolley were part of her dissertation committee.



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How do I sign up?
See the steps at left.  

How do I pay?

The cost for this program is $25. You may use the link at left to process your payment using PayPal or a debit/credit card.

You will receive a pdf copy of James paper as well as have him walk you through how he developed and created his own style into and with the existing supervision model. 

What’s required?
This webinar is intended for Certified EFT Supervisors and Supervisors-in-Training.

Closer to October 17th, a Zoom meeting invitation will be sent out to everyone who registers via Eventbrite. If you need help navigating the Zoom meeting platform, you may contact Matthew Settle and he can provide you will assistance for a small fee. 

What if I’m busy on October 17th, 2019?
A recording of the meeting will be available to registrants who are not able to attend live. Please go ahead and register using the link above; instructions will be sent out after the meeting.