FAQs for Online Groups & Meetings

Online groups and meetings are a great way to stay connected to the EFT model and community.  Below are answers to frequently asked questions and are intended to help you navigate the process of registration and group access. 

Q: How do I register for your online groups?

A: Please see the Online Groups/Meetings tab to learn about each individual online group and group.  Each one is unique, and registration can vary as well as applicable discounts.  

Q: How does registration generally work? Who handles what?

  1. Attendees must follow the registration instruction on our website;
  2. Once payment and registration is handled, attendees are added to an internal list which is sent to Matt Settle (Matt manages the technical aspect of our online groups and meetings)
  3. Prior to each group meeting, Matt will send out an invitation which provides link and access information.  
  4. If you miss a meeting, you may contact Matt to request a copy of the recording. (Requests should be made within ten days of the meeting date.)

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We typically run registration through Stripe. 

FYI, if you paid via PayPal and your PayPal account shows a name or email other than your own (such as a spouse, employer, or your company information) then you may want to reach out to Jen to be sure she has the best name and email contact for you. 

Q: How do I access online meetings? 

A: All of our online groups and meetings are run through a program called Zoom.  Our Zoom meeting host is Matt Settle and his email is msettlemft@gmail.com.  Please check your inbox for emails from him about the zoom meeting link and instructions for access.  

Q: Didn’t get an email with zoom instructions?

You can forward to Matt a copy of your receipt, please be sure that you reference the online group you need access to and the meeting date. 

Q: I’m finding the Zoom program difficult to navigate. Can I get help? 

The Zoom platform offers a series of tutorials which can be accessed here:


If you need further assistance with any of the technology around participating in an online zoom meeting, you can pay Matt a $35 tutoring fee and he will walk you through the steps necessary to attend or review the online session without a glitch.

Matt will also be online with us during each group as we start. If you need help live in the moment, please let Matt know via email, as he will check his emails during our session.

Q: How do I access recordings if I miss a group?

Matt can generally offer a recording of online sessions. If you cannot attend an online meeting, please send a request to msettlemft@gmail.com and he will send you a link with a password so you can review within the next ten days.