Hear stories from people who have trained with Lisa…

“I am so glad to have spent two hours in your helpful, compassionate, challenging and stimulating presence. I loved your teaching style. I look forward to taking every opportunity to have more of it when you are in this neck of the continent. That Dig In was really awesome. What a fabulous pedagogue you are to be developing this. I can really see why [blank] trusts you so completely and it must make her feel so good to have leaders like you in the wider EFT community.”
-Arizona Dig In Participant, 2013

“The Ottawa DIG in-DIG Out was amazing, amazing team-amazing experience.”
-Sue Johnson, Ottawa Dig In Participant, 2013

“I have wanted to post something from the moment I returned from probably the most amazing, meaningful, fulfilling, growthful training experience I have had in all my years and careers. And, I need to express how that experience continues to impact my work with clients every session. But first I want to express my many gratitudes to Lisa for creating and driving both the supervision refresher and the dig-in.”
-Chicago Dig In Participant, 2013

“I think the Dig In was hands down the best “conference/workshop” I have ever been to!! Hope to see you and learn from you again in the future.”
-NYC Dig In Participant, 2013

“I’m delighted to have shared our NY Dig-In with so many fellow travelers this past weekend. We were treated to much wisdom and compassion as we worked to better understand ourselves and our blocks. Four trainers brought the lanterns, the patience, the pause button or the hug, depending on what was most needed for each of us. Lisa Palmer-Olson, Leanne Campbell, David Fairweather, and our own George Faller showed up in spades for our community. As each person took her or his turn, the gently held questions would come: was there confusion about the model, a hesitation with going deeper into emotions, or a place that was personally triggering for the therapist based on her or his own personal narrative? And there was a commitment to help the person who was stuck find a new experience or awareness, along with the continued message across all presentations that we no longer need to be alone with our deepest challenges. We do, indeed, have each other, and we have more in common than what sets us apart.
The experience was rich with safety, empathy and care. There were many emotions shared upon leaving, with a number of people speaking with excitement about returning to their stuck cases with a new sense of capability, and I heard frequent echoes in one form or another that said, in essence, we want more! Many thanks to the trainers for making this happen.”

-NYC Dig In NYC Participant, 2013

“I took in so much from this experience that it will take days to organize it and synthesize it and then do just to articulating it but I wanted to thank all the trainers for putting on such a safe and welcoming Dig In in a lovely, beautiful city. Our small groups felt very safe and I hope to stay in touch with the people I shared this experience with because I know it will be an experience that will keep growing as I integrate it.

The fact that our own emotions were held with such thoughtfulness and care was moving and it seemed like we all came away with many moments where we were touched, we learned something new, we got help with stuck places, we shared our raw spots, we learned from the masters, we learned from each other, we gave and received supportive and helpful feedback.”
-Ottawa Dig In Participant, 2013

“I want to encourage any of you EFTers out there to participate in something like this when it comes in your area (or travel to one, as many folks did). I continue to be blown away by this community and feel so fortunate, honored and welcomed to be a part of it. I also give my thanks to the four amazing trainers — Lisa, George, Leanne & David-who were there for me and my fellow diggers who really dug in ways that were so moving, inspiring and humbling.

I am so grateful to everyone who made this happen-and what I’m left with is this incredible feeling of being flanked, as that was spoken about throughout the weekend. It’s true, it really does leave me so much stronger and hopefully better as a therapist, when I feel connected to a community that has my back. What a gift.”
-NYC Dig In Participant, 2013

“Lisa and George’s modeling of “rupture and repair” was brilliant. The ideas that “we all need to focus on both our blocks and our best parts of our selves when we are both therapists and supervisors” and “the antitode to shame is sharing about it” and “we are all just having conversations” were a few of the hundreds of nuggets that I personally take away from this experience and will savor.

I am so honored to have been a participant and I truly can not wait for more opportunities like this one.”
-Supervisors Retreat, 2013