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“My goal is to help you in your path to becoming either a Level 1 Certified EFT Therapist or Level 2 Certified EFT Supervisor.  All of my EFT trainings are overseen by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), where the primary goals of certification are to promote excellence in the practice of EFT and EFFT, and to ensure maintenance of these standards in both the supervision and training of this approach.”  

Lisa Palmer-Olsen, PsyD, is an ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer who is known for her warmth, humor, and incredible knowledge base. 

Lisa frequently travels the country to provide EFT Externships, Core Skills training, and Supervision (during the current pandemic, all of her trainings have moved online).  She also offers masterclasses, special workshops, online supervisor trainings, supervisor retreats, and support groups to provide therapists-in-training with extra support.  Lisa also offers EFT mentorship opportunities and many of her trainings include other recognized EFT Trainers who can speak to their experience and expertise.  

If you are new to EFT or interested in the steps to becoming a Level 1: Certified EFT Therapist and Level 2: Certified EFT Supervisor, then please scroll down. You may also learn about the certification process and benefits by clicking here.

Pre-Requisites for Certification in the EFT Model

  • A post graduate degree in a relevant discipline / mental health field such as Social Work, Psychology, Education, Counseling, Marital and Family Therapy, and Pastoral Care.
  • Membership in a recognized professional association, such as AAMFT, CAMFT.
  • Current clinical therapy practice (must include some couples and/or families).
  • License to practise psychotherapy in the state / province in which the applicant resides.
  • Proof of malpractice insurance.
  • Completion of at least one graduate course on the practice of couples / family therapy at a registered institution or equivalent.
  • Membership in ICEEFT
  • Click here to read FAQs regarding certification.

Steps to Becoming a Certified EFT Therapist (Level 1)

Externship | Core Skills | Individual Supervision | Application

Step 1: The 4-Day Externship

The 4-Day Externship is the first step to becomming certified in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. See left for upcoming externships, and scroll down to learn more about the externship and next steps. 

This 4-day course is a comprehensive introductory course to Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.  The course includes observation of live, unscripted therapy sessions with real couples, presentations of attachment theory and clinical techniques, skills training exercises, and discussion of specific cases of clinical material. By attending, participants will:

  • Obtain a clear understanding of the basic experiential and systemic concepts of an “Emotionally Focused” approach to couples therapy.

  • Develop skills in helping partners reprocess the emotional responses that maintain relational distress.

  • Develop skills in helping partners shape new interaction patterns and bonding events.

  • Develop skills to overcome therapeutic impasses with couples.

The externship is recommended for mental health professionals, students and clergy that counsel couples including psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, and mental health interns.

Step 2: Core Skills

Core Skills is a series of two-day modules aimed to develop your skills as an EFT Therapist.  In this small group setting, you will deepen your understanding of EFT and interventions through video review, didactic presentation and discussion, experiential exercises, observation of live sessions, and small group work. The training consists of four two-day workshops, and each day will contain instruction on group supervision of EFT work according to the guidelines set by the International Centre for Excellence in EFT (in Ottawa).

This Advanced Core Skills Training is for Psychologists, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists and students in those fields.  A four-day Externship in EFT is required for Core Skills Training. Learn more here.

Step 3: Individual EFT Supervision

ICEEFT requires eight hours of individual supervision by a Certified EFT Supervisor. Join me for your final step in the process to becoming an EFT Therapist. I provide individual supervision and consultation to therapists locally, nationally and internationally. 

*You may begin individual supervision before you have completed core skills.

*EFT supervision hours with Dr. Palmer-Olsen count towards ICEEFT certification requirements.

Steps to Becoming a Certified EFT Supervisor


10 Hours of Mentorship | Supervise 3 Therapists in EFT | Complete Course on Supervision | Application


Below are the requirements to becoming an EFT Supervisor (source: ICEEFT website):


  • Certification as an EFT Therapist for one year  (exceptions may be made for experienced supervisors or area need)
  • 10 hours of mentorship between 2 Certified EFT Supervisors / Trainers
  • Completion of a course on supervision for counselling / psychotherapy.  If not available in your area, options can be discussed with an ICEEFT representative
  • Four years of clinical experience with couples / families
  • Supervision of a minimum of three trainee Therapists in EFT
  • Submission of a written description of your experience in supervision:a) how many people you have supervised; b) number of cases you have supervised; c) a written description (approximately 1000 words) of how you believe your supervision fits with EFT principles of supervision (give specific examples to support this perspective)
  • Submission of two one-half hour recordings, in standard DVD or CD format, demonstrating supervision of two different therapists.  These recordings need to be of individual supervision (which could involve 2 therapists) and not group supervision or voice over supervision recordings.  One of the tapes submitted needs to include supervisor and therapist review of taped session material
  • Submission of two reference letters from mentors of supervision

Masterclasses & Special Topics

In addition to certification courses, I offer a range of masterclasses and workshops in special topics to help practitioners deepen their understanding of the EFT model. You will find upcoming masterclasses in the “Online Groups & Meetings Tab” at the top of my website.