Recurring, Online EFT Learning Groups


In order to support EFT supervisors, therapists and EFT therapists-in-training, Dr. Lisa Palmer Olson offers a selection of recurring, online EFT learning groups. These groups range in scope and organization, and are meant to provide ongoing support through various challenges and questions that come in the road to certification and/or supervision challenges. To learn more about Lisa’s available groups, please see below. 


EFT Trainer Open Office Hours

Join ICEEFT Trainers Lisa Palmer-Olsen, Kathryn de Bruin, Silvina Irwin and Michael Barnett online for a deeper dive into the EFT model.  In each session, there are typically two presentations per hour (30 minutes each).  Other group participants learn through observation of the presentation and supervision.  You can choose to present a clip (this is done in advance and coordinated prior to the hour) or choose to learn by observing.   Each presentation includes a brief history of the couple, what is known of the cycle, one or two specific questions or areas to focus the supervision, and a 10-15 minute review of the video, plus a discussion. 

EFT Supervison of Supervison

This is an on-going, online group that meets once a month (12 pm to 2 pm PST) and features Certified EFT Trainers Dr. Lisa J. Palmer and Dr. Marlene Best. Together, they will work with attendees to support them in becoming licensed EFT Supervisors, boosting their confidence and helping them prepare for ICEEFT certification requirements. 

Level Up Group for EFT Supervisors

Lisa’s “Level Up” group is an opportunity for EFT Certified Supervisors to discuss, develop and debate EFT Supervisor topics. The goal is to provide support in specific help for supervision challenges including working with blocks, yours and theirs, working with shame, managing role-play and video presentation avoidance and fear, review of clips for certification and more. 

EFFT Online Group Consultation

Presentations by EFT Trainers & EFFT’ers in training in a small intimate format. 

Group Consultation | Didactic Model Review | Clip Presentations

First Wednesdays of most months.

Other Level Up Group Priscilla Zynda & Patti Swope

 This online group is designed to offer support and specific help for supervision challenges. (Trainers are Priscilla Zynda & Patti Swope.)